Friday, July 29, 2011

Countdown to Football

I am not a sports girl, I enjoy the energy and the trash talking. Let's be honest, I really like the trash talking, and the ability to yell whatever I want with impunity.
Last year I gained a new friend, she pretty much rocks my face off: She curses, fights with strangers twice her size, swills beer and manages to do all of this whilst wearing a tutu. The one thing that will make or break her mood is the state of the Greenbay Packers. The recent lockout sent her in a spiraling depression that was almost inconceivable, all I could think was, "Damn, I want to be dedicated to something like that". That being said last year I got into football, not entirely sell my house change my address, give me a tattoo dedication , but just an interest.
This year before the season starts I want to be ahead of the game (I'm going to laugh here, I don't expect anyone else to do so...but feel free, this will not be the first pun) I want a team that I can cheer for, or cry into my beer with, wear a jersey for that I never wash, stalk a player to a point of danger and restraining orders in short I want to  belong to a team!

Over the next month I will be researching a different team each day  to get me a team! I've heard the call and I would like to be ready for some football.