Friday, September 27, 2013

Ooooo Scary!

It's really sad and awesome how this blogging works out. I start out all amped up about what sort of blog posts I'm going to make, which quickly disintegrates into "blog posts? Pffft, more like time to eat a burrito really fast and nap, posts...(I have never claimed to be articulate)".

I have several ideas for posts that are just churning around my head and when I actually have a moment to make a post I either do the above or freeze up and have nothing to write about. So let's remedy that, and by us I mean me and the stuffed, pink sparkle pony that lives in my office, because I have an adult job dammit.

This week we were treated to an incredible luxury that most actors couldn't even dream of: We were given a set. Not just a "taped out", "Those are steps, you can't just walk through steps, even 1 dimensional steps", but an honest to god set. Not a set that will give us splinters, but a set that is primarily done (with the exception of a floor and aging. AGING. Yes, you read that correctly, they have to come back through and make the set MORE bad ass) it's so done that an audience could have walked in last night and watched the show. Thank Christ they didn't, we looked like a hot mess, but a hot mess in progress.

This is what appeared when I image searched "Hot Mess" it was either this or Mischa Barton looking like Pete Doherty.

I have complete confidence that when we roll around to Monday, we're going to slap this show in the taint. Once we do that, there is no going back either, and for that I'm stoked. I'm so ready to be able to finally get lost in this world, even if it scares the shit out of me, and not have to search for my words or blocking or motivation. 

Not to mention once this week gets rolling, there's no looking back, we're stuck and it's going to be tiring and stressful and awesome and when we get done we may all look like this: 

I never promised that I wouldn't use this photo.

Monday, September 9, 2013

In the Name of all Holy Bejesus!

Okay Okay, I've been slacking with the blogging I get it! I will slack no more and I will get you all together on the same page as me for this Night of the Living Dead drama!

I've now watched NOtLD again as well as several documentaries (recommended by Scott and my cast mates) in order to prepare. The version of NOtLD was some special edition that had some bizarre added filler crap with some leader of Satanist Church, or Goatee Enthusiast Club President, I wasn't really clear on that part. The fact of the matter is whoever decided that those scenes were necessary in their telling or retelling, should be taught the whole "If it ain't broke, don't add weird facial hair to it" mantra (that's totes a mantra, look it up I swear I didn't just make it up right now...).

                            Awwwww ya, there's that sweet sweet goatee...said no one ever. 

Somewhere during my Junior or Senior year of high school one of my good friends and myself decided to go to the Loop (because we're obviously the coolest.) and do cool Loop activities that you do when you're 17. Incidentally, the same activities that now as a 28 year old crotchety woman I find annoying when they're taking place in my neighborhood, which is the Loop (because remember I'm the coolest). We took our selves straight into Vintage Vinyl and we purchased several DVD's (cutting edge for 2002) one of which was NOtLD, after buying bottomless root beer, (and drinking it RESPONSIBLY, the Scientology root beer story is for another day, trust me.) clove cigarettes (rebels!) and god knows what else it was time to head home and review our movie purchases. 

This was a more simple time for myself, I did not watch anything scary, the first two and a half minutes of The Ring scared me so shitless I only watched PBS for a good 3 months 

                                   EHMEHGED!!! I need Reruns of Are You Being Served NOW!!!! 

                                 Phew. That was a close one. Thanks for saving me Mr. Humphries. 
Wait...where was I going with this...right:
This was the very first movie that I had managed to sit through start to finish that scared the bejeesus out of me. It scared me and began my love of all things zombie. Now I know that in recent years Zombies have gotten extremely sexy and over used but these zombies were the original, they were vacant, slow, eating machines that you had to kill first. Ever since that day I've wanted all things creepy and gross in my life. 

                                                                   Quack the Ripper! 
And he's available on Etsy: Just remember that if for some reason you missed my birthday...ahem.