Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Remember that time that I had a career of blogdom in my future ? Me neither, I made up that first part I really don't have a future in it but it sure is fun.

So here we are more than a year later reattempting a blog that has been long since forgotten. If I was someone who used my head more I would have blogged for every show I've ever done and even when I'm not in a show (what, what WHAAAAAT?!).

That being said the remount of Stupefy! goes up at the end of the week this time it's a little different, a little less dirty and just as goofy as it should be. I'm not too worried about how it's going to go, after all currently there's more than one sold out performance. What I'm wicked concerned about is what the fuck I'm going to do when the show wraps up. For real, this is going to be the longest that I've gone in a while without a project in the works. What. The. Fuck.

Excuse me now while I attempt to get my life (waaaaaaay easier said than done that's for sure)