Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Well, that is a bit disheartening...

So there I was with list of all 32 ready to go, it's in alphabetical order and everything.
  Arizona Cardinals...alright I got dis.

And all I know is they have a dude on the roster with the last name Porter (two points in my opinion) and the head coach is dad hot.
That's it, that is all I've got because I realized I don't actually know where to begin or what I'm even looking for. My mom raised me to do whatever the hell I wanted and be whomever I saw fit and aw snap if that person doesn't quite get sports.
I must trudge onward, I must make a selection! It's not only for me and me alone but most importantly for the greater good of whatever team I pick, they need me! I am an excellent cheerleader. When Mary Martin said that I had to clap to bring Tinkerbell back to life because his/her snotty ass almost killed her, I cried. I cried and clapped so hard that my hands were puffy and red, and not just that one time, but every single time I watched that tape (remember, I don't do sports, I do theatre so watching a taped version of Peter Pan on Broadway happened at least four times a week) I lost my shit and cried and snotted all over everything, because Tinkerbell was not going to die on my watch!

So, now I've got the dedication obviously in the right place, onward and upward?